objects |> functions

objects |> functions

Welcome to objects |> functions (pronounced "objects to functions"), a journey aimed at the C# developer who wants to learn to think functionally.

What in the world is this anyway?

Step 0 - Set Up the Environment
Make sure we have all the tools we'll need along the way

Step 1 - Hello World
Establish a web request response with the least possible / complex code

Step 2 - Data Model
Create the persistent types we'll use for our application

Step 3 - RavenDB Connection and Indexes
Configure and prepare a RavenDB connection for use in our application

Step 4 - Framework Setup
Create folders / conventions for our application and load some dummy data

Step 5 - Routes
Establish the URLs that our application will recognize

Step 6 - Views
Implement the web pages by which our application will display its information

Step 7 - Log In
Users are important in this application!

Step 8 - Page Publishing and Editing
Create and edit pages

Step 9 - Post Publishing and Editing
Finally, we can write some posts!

Step 10 - Categories and Tags
Handle lists of posts by category or tag

Step 11 - RSS Feeds
Provide RSS and Atom feeds for our content

Step n - may be added later (yay, scope creep!)

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